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hand made ceramic vase 2015

hand made ceramic vase 2015


Picasso - La Vie (Life) Picasso, La Vie Cleveland Museum of Art. From 1901 to during his Blue Period Picasso painted several posthumous portraits of his friend Casagemas, culminating in the gloomy allegorical painting La

Prehistoric Cave painting | 35000 years ago

Prehistoric Cave painting from 35000 years ago. The question is, what were they trying to depict in this piece of Ancient Art History? (The question is, had they discovered hallucinogens years ago?

Faience Necklace Counterpoise With Aegis of Sakhmet  --  New Kingdom, Ramesside. Dynasty 19-20  --  1295–1070 BCE  --  Metropolitan Museum of Art

*EGYPT ~ Egyptian Necklace counterpoise with aegis of Sakhmet Period: New Kingdom, Ramesside Dynasty: Dynasty Date: ca. Geography: Egypt Medium: Faience -------------------------- monday Cuarto k/semberg/Argentine