Koupepia - a traditional Cypriot dish. Tavel to Cyprus with trickTAB! http://tricktab.com/ #travel #Cyprus #food

Koupepia - a traditional Cypriot dish, different from Dolades as they have minced pork with the rice and spices. Read Recipe by

Koupes or Cypriot Pies... Visit Cyprus with us! tricktab.com #travel #Cyprus #food

After World War II many people of Greek Cypriot origin settled here in Australia due to political instability in their own country. Australia’s Greek Cypriot population increased dramaticall…

Φλαούνες. <br/> Πηγή: Στάλω Λαζάρου.

Φλαούνες. <br/> Πηγή: Στάλω Λαζάρου.

Monday's Greek Recipe - Bourekia and Daktyla - Anastasia

Monday's Greek Recipe - Bourekia and Daktyla