Andrei Radulescu

Andrei Radulescu

Andrei Radulescu
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Making miniature gardens is always interesting and very good choice for home decoration. If you have free time and do not know how to spend it, get creative and make some small and beautifully designed garden for indoor or outdoor decoration.

In order to make your small garden to be the most beautiful detail into your home you have to work hard on creating the most appealing design and make it r

Moss mini terrarium cloche

Perfect combination of an old pot and a stunning glass cover – joined together for a moss-based garden terrarium. The author says that the glass is only added when the small moss garden is on display.

Bottle Terrium Finish Product

illuminated terrarium system including glass vessel and light, not yet for sale, Company name-- "mosslight-LED"

I would love this, rather than or even in addition to plants and flowers, on a coffee table. Interesting (bh)

Quiero un terrarium para mi consultorio. Terrarium de The Slug and The Squirrel