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5SOS Michael Clifford, Ashton Irwin Hate Luke Hemmings’ Girlfriend Arzaylea! Really? -

Rumors has it that all the other band mates especially Michael Clifford and fan favorite Ashton Irwin does not like Luke Hemmings’ girlfriend Arzaylea.

Luke Hemmings❤️ curse you whoever made this, curse you

Luke Hemings & TFIOS is amazing together! If you want an imagine just comment your name, boy and happy sad etc. And I'll get it done ASAP!

I'm not saying anything

I know tht a lot of ppl don't rlly like her but I honestly don't have an opinion on her, I just want my lukey to be happy and if tht means tht he will be with Arzaylea then I'm acc fine with tht.

...and every girl that sees this cant help but sigh

and every girl that sees this cant help but sigh<<< Luke and Calum look like they just fell in love with works for me bc they're my favs.