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Andromachi Apostolidou
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A bra that fits 5 measurements for bra size

How-to determine bra size is fundamental in getting a correctly fitting bra. This guide about proper bra size measurement will help a bra-wearer find the right size range for their body and spot whether or not a bra fits correctly, thereby allowing anyone

Bra fitting

How to Measure and Fit a Bra. not completely accurate for us big-boob girls bc alot of european companies do FF, GG and so on but it's a start for those who have no clue because the girls at Victoria secret really have no idea what they're doing.

Fabrics & Patterns for Making a Custom Bikini - Several informative videos    Adding lining to bikini bottom -    More info on making a bikini -

Featured: Bow-tie Bikini by Laura Urbinati If you’re intent is on looking your best at the pool this summer, you might take matters into your own hands and make a swimsuit that will turn head…