Greece | Young Karpathos woman in national costume | Photographer unknown

"Greece - Young Karpathos woman in national costume" Karpathos: Culture - Folklore - Tradition Although Karpathos is a small island it is exceptional.

Santorini, Greece

Going Home, Santorini, Greece (Fewer and fewer Greeks are using donkeys, who were the cars/trucks of the Greece I knew in the early It makes me sad to see them no longer being a major island transportation.

The Island Where People Forget to Die: I want to live like this!!! "“People are fine here because we are very self-sufficient,” she said. “We may not have money for luxuries, but we will have food on the table and still have fun with family and friends. We may not be in a hurry to get work done during the day, so we work into the night. At the end of the day, we don’t go home to sit on the couch.”

The Island Where People Forget to Die

Stamatis Moraitis tending his vineyard and olive grove on Ikaria. By DAN BUETTNER In a Greek war veteran named Stamatis Moraitis came to the United States for treatment of a combat-mangled ar.

Maria Callas. Talented woman with a beautiful face and beautiful voice. crussshin.

Maria Callas - Opera begins long before the curtain goes up and ends long after it has come down. It starts in my imagination, it becomes my life, and it stays part of my life long after I've left the opera house.

Traditions of Karpathos, Greece

Traditions of Karpathos, Greece (I miss SO MUCH all the moms of the various island villages wearing their traditional clothing, even when it was just black dress and scarf.) I love you, Greece.


Guardian presents to its readers the history of Greek Tourism, as Greece has long been one of Europe’s most alluring destinations. Ten posters are presented, marking 100 years of what.