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an info sheet showing how to use the internet for learning korean and other language skills
4 steps to start learning Korean.
As Summer break approaches, the best activity to do is learn a new language, and I think Korean will be the best choice for you. This guide is going to lead you to the start of your Korean language journey, and it includes interesting resources and channels through which you can start learning this beautiful language. And trust me, you won't regret learning Korean. Good luck💙🤍
the korean number system is shown in purple and white, with hearts on it's side
How to Count in Korean : Learn Korean Numbers
Learn about the Korean Number system : when to use native korean numbers or sino korean numbers
an image of the time in different languages on a white background, with text that reads 9 45 am
korean verbs
the body parts in korean text on a yellow background with an image of a woman's torso
korean topik
an image of korean words and phrases in different languages on a blue background with white letters
horas en coreano
telling the time in korean on a poster
the days of the week in korean with an image of a woman's face
[Korean] Seven Days - Monday — Sura Korean BBQ
[Korean] Seven Days - Monday learn to Korean learning Korean how to read