Get "Old" Smell Out Of  Furniture. 2 cups hot water+2 cups white vinegar. Wipe down. AirDry. Sprinkle baking soda. Leave 3 days. Also read 1) boiling vinegar cups inside drawers 2)wipe every inch w vinegar and cloth 3)Murphys Oil Soap 4)carpet powder 4)Kitty Litter 5)sprinkle borax 6)Irish Spring Soap in dish, cut off sliver first 7)Activated Charcoal  8)old newspapers 9) Dis-infectant 10) Amonia bowl 11)spray Hydrogen Peroxide

How to get gross smells out of old furniture

This is to get smell of the dead bum who pissed in there! How To Get Gross Smells Out of Old Furniture — a list of tips and tricks to combat odors from Girl Says Amy Buchanan and other Hometalkers