Get "Old" Smell Out Of  Furniture. 2 cups hot water+2 cups white vinegar. Wipe down. AirDry. Sprinkle baking soda. Leave 3 days. Also read 1) boiling vinegar cups inside drawers 2)wipe every inch w vinegar and cloth 3)Murphys Oil Soap 4)carpet powder 4)Kitty Litter 5)sprinkle borax 6)Irish Spring Soap in dish, cut off sliver first 7)Activated Charcoal  8)old newspapers 9) Dis-infectant 10) Amonia bowl 11)spray Hydrogen Peroxide

How to get gross smells out of old furniture

How To Get Gross Smells Out of Old Furniture — a list of tips and tricks to combat odors from Atta Girl Says Amy Buchanan and other Hometalkers