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a woman in a black dress is posing for a photo while holding a small bird
рiителеsт асс: @кiтткааат ♔
a woman standing in a field of yellow flowers with her back to the camera and looking into the distance
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Картинка с тегом «flowers, girl, and yellow»
a woman in a red dress standing on a dirt road at sunset with her hair blowing in the wind
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Slip Hippies, Pearl Styling, 70s Mode, Green Plaid Pants, Style Année 70, Hippie Stil, 70s Aesthetic, Look Retro, Vintage Mode
Start A Fire
a person wearing a blindfold with two eyes
video sight.
the shadow of a woman's arm and hand is cast on a white wall
Book Club Meeting: Being Is Your Deepest Self
Assignment 1- I tried to shadow travel. I concentrate and think and slowly walk In to the shadow. I close my eyes and try to stay calm but think of were I want to go. I guess I wasn't relaxed because I walk right through it. I open my eyes and look. It didn't work. So I go back and try again and it work just as I planed but I was really tired after.
the shadow of a woman's hand holding an apple in front of a white wall
Art of street
Had made Bird | black and white
a woman laying on top of a bed next to a white wall with sun shining through her hair
Charo, Paris
lace curtain shadows / vivienne mok
a person holding up a shell near the ocean
She Believed She Could So She Did - beautyand-bliss: Cape scallop
let's wander the beaches and find beautiful little presents that have drifted into shore with hopes of being seen. truly seen.
a woman sitting in the back seat of a car with a sunset behind her and a quote on it
"Three passions, simple but overwhelmingly strong, have governed my life: the longing for love, the search for knowledge, and unbearable pity for the suffering of mankind." —Bertrand Russel
a woman holding a surfboard on top of a sandy beach near the ocean at sunset
The Top 10 Photography Lighting Facts You Should Know
The Top 10 Photography Lighting Facts You Should Know | Popular Photography Backlight can be used as highly diffused lighting