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Crete has one of the healthiest diets in the world but Cretan foods, cuisines and specialities are also known for being mouth-wateringly delicious. The foundation of Cretan food is fresh ingredients, salads, fruit and vegetables, plenty of tomatoes in particular and wild herbs. Each corner of Crete has something to offer !!!!!!!!

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The island of Crete has lots of vineyards White Wine, Red Wine, Grape Vineyard, Zorba The Greek, Crete Island, Heraklion, Beach Art, Greek Islands, Fisher

The island of Crete is perhaps best known for its production of red wine, but they also make quite a bit of white wine as well. Heraklion is located on the northern coast of Crete, almost right in the middle of the island. Vilana is the dominant grape of this region, though specific production figures are difficult to find. It's also somewhat difficult to find much information about Vilana. It seems to be a workhorse grape that is not widely grown off the island of Crete.

Bougatsa (chesse pie) by Iordanis is considered to be one of the traditional sweet delicacy in Chania Greek Beauty, Crete, Fruits And Vegetables, Sweet Tooth, Cooking Recipes, Pie, Sweets, Traditional, Breakfast

Bougatsa (chesse pie) by Iordanis is considered to be one of the traditional sweet delicacy in Chania

''Sfakianes Pites'' : Pies from Sfakia Greek Diet, Crete Island, Town House, Greek Recipes, Bon Appetit, Greece, Rolls, Appetizers, Nutrition

Αθηνόραμα :Σφακιανές πίτες

Το site για την απόλαυση της γεύσης, του κρασιού και του αλκοόλ από το αθηνόραμα.

Classic Cretan recipe named Xerotigana. Greek Sweets, Greek Desserts, Greek Recipes, Wine Recipes, Food Network Recipes, Armenian Recipes, Armenian Food, Greek Diet, Greek Cookies

Classic Cretan recipes: Xerotigana

Xerotigana is one of the most classic and delicious Cretan sweet. Made with pure ingredients and honey. Cretans offer Xerotigana in celebrations, weddings, baptisms.

Classic Cretan recipes: Ascrolibri with Broad Beans Cooking Broad Beans, Lunches And Dinners, Fruits And Vegetables, Cooking Time, Nutrition, Diet, Fresh, Chicken, Healthy

Classic Cretan recipes: Ascrolibri with Broad Beans

Ascrolibri with Broad Beans is one of the most classic Cretan plate, with fresh Cretan vegetables. The cooking time is minimum and the ingredients only ascrolibri, broad beans, lemon juice, olive oil, salt.

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Μύλοι Κρήτης - Βέρο Κρητικό – Vero Cereal - άλευρα - γαλακτοκομικά – vegan προϊόντα – ζωοτροφές – βιομάζα . Ανακαλύψτε τη ποιότητα!

Αγνά και αυθεντικά, τα προϊόντα των Μύλων Κρήτης συντελούν στη διατήρηση της παραδοσιακής νοστιμιάς στην ελληνική κουζίνα. Το πρώτο και πιο επιτυχημένο αλεύρι της Κρήτης παράγεται από τις πιο εκλεκτές ποικιλίες σταριών. Πάντα με την ίδια υψηλή ποιότητα απο το 1928, το αλεύρι των Μύλων

Kreatotourta (area of Kydonia) This traditional meat pie recipe includes 3 kinds of Cretan cheeses (mizithra, malaka and staka), but also spearmint is essential for this recipe. Greek Recipes, Pie Recipes, Mizithra Cheese, Greek Cooking, Greek Dishes, Original Recipe, Food And Drink, Stuffed Peppers, Meat

Cretan Meat Pie Kreatotourta) Recipe -

This traditional Cretan recipe is one of our favorite Greek dishes. I had this many times in a restaurant and wanted to reproduce this at home. The original recipe includes 3 kinds of Cretan cheeses (mizithra, malaka and staka), but it is almost impossible to find our Crete cheeses and we have to substitute it with different ones. Spearmint is essential for this recipe!