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Crete has one of the healthiest diets in the world but Cretan foods, cuisines and specialities are also known for being mouth-wateringly delicious. The…
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The island of Crete is perhaps best known for its production of red wine, but they also make quite a bit of white wine as well. Heraklion is located on the northern coast of Crete, almost right in the middle of the island. Vilana is the dominant grape of this region, though specific production figures are difficult to find. It's also somewhat difficult to find much information about Vilana. It seems to be a workhorse grape that is not widely grown off the island of Crete.
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Bougatsa (chesse pie) by Iordanis is considered to be one of the traditional sweet delicacy in Chania
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Sautéed lamb -
Tsigariasto / Sfakiano giaxni
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Αθηνόραμα :Σφακιανές πίτες
Sfakianes Pites (Pies from Sfakia)
there are many different types of pastries on the plate and in bowls next to each other
Kalitsoùnia from Hania -
Kalitsoùnia from Hania
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Classic Cretan recipes: Xerotigana
Classic Cretan recipes: Xerotigana
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Classic Cretan recipes: Ascrolibri with Broad Beans
ascrolibri with broad-beans
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Bourèki from Hania -
Bourèki from Chania....
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Snails with Rosemary and Wine -
Snails with Wine and Rosemary-absolutely delicious !!!!!!!
Μύλοι Κρήτης - Βέρο Κρητικό – Vero Cereal - άλευρα - γαλακτοκομικά – vegan προϊόντα – ζωοτροφές – βιομάζα . Ανακαλύψτε τη ποιότητα!
there are two pictures one has green beans and the other has tomatoes, peppers and olives
Visit Greece| Cretan Diet or Cretan cuisine is considered to be the most representative and qualitative example of the so-called Mediterranean diet. It is based on olive oil, vegetables, fruits, legumes grains and wine. The products of the Cretan land are distinguished for their excellent quality and their consumption contributes to the prolonging of life and youth!
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Cretan dakos A proper meal, but the faster and healthier!
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Cretan Meat Pie (Kreatotourta) Recipe -
Kreatotourta (area of Kydonia) This traditional Cretan recipe includes 3 kinds of Cretan cheeses (mizithra, malaka and staka), but also spearmint is essential for this recipe!