Old bridge of Plaka over Arachthos river > Epirus > northwestern Greece > Europe. This bridge, built exclusively with stones in the century, is considered to be the largest amongst the Balkan countries.

Single arched stone bridge of Kokkorou, Epirus, Greece. I lived in Greece for a short time as a teenager, but didn't get to see all of it.

Ancient Bridge of Konitsa in river Aoos, Epirus, Greece. The old bridge of Konitsa over the river Aoos, one of the highest of its kind in Greece.

Voidomatis river - Zagorochoria - Ioannina - Epirus - Greece © Please don't use this image without my permission.

Papigo, a small Greek village, attracts hikers and mountaineers from around the world.

Epirus: the best-kept secret in Greece?

This little-known region of the Greek mainland has the world’s deepest gorge, a landscape like Scotland’s and mountain villages to rival those of Provence, says Caroline Shearing