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people are walking along the shore line by the water
10 of the best small islands in Croatia Lopud beaches-walking-adriatic
the valley is surrounded by mountains and trees
In Pictures: 100 Unforgettable Travel Moments from our Dream Trip Gallery
One of my favourite places in the whole world. Can't wait to get back, Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland <3
the white building has many windows on it
The Traveller's Rest Inn Grasmere
an aerial view of a harbor with boats in the water and buildings on the shore
Jugoslavia-Kroatia-Dubrovnik-old-town-view-IMG_4118.jpg | Skyum World Travel Images
Dubrovnik, Croatia
an island in the middle of the ocean with houses on it and red flowers growing out of the water
St Stefan - Montenegro
an aerial view of a beach with clear blue water
Ile Sveti Stefan, Montenegro
an aerial view of a town and the water from high up on a mountain side
Kotor, Montenegro
an aerial view of a small town on the edge of a large body of water
The Wonderful Bay of Kotor
Bay of Kotor, Montenegro
red flowers are in a window sill with mountains in the background
View of The Jungfrau Summit from the top of Harder Kulm Interlaken, Switzerland Photo By Darlene Castillo
a red and white bus driving down a street next to tall buildings with snow capped mountains in the background
Maria Theresa Strasse, Innsbruck, Austria
a train traveling through a lush green hillside next to houses and mountains in the background
11227, 11218 SBB Re 4/4 II at Wassen, Switzerland by Georg Trüb
Because of a disruption (planned haevy trackwork) on the Arlberg line (Austria), the famous Venice Simplon-Orient-Express (VSOE) was diverted via Gotthard-Milan to Venice. The very long (17 cars) and haevy train (about 880 tons) is passing the village of Wassen and crossing the middle Meienreuss bridge on the northern ascent to the Gotthard tunnel. The beautiful VSOE cars have always very clean white roofs!
a blue and white train traveling through a lush green valley surrounded by mountains in the distance
none Untitled none at Erstfeld, Switzerland by Georg Trüb
One of the most luxurious and expensive train worldwide is the Venice Simplon-Orient-Express (VSOE) which is running between London and Folkestone (with cars only for this leg of the journey) and then with this 17 cars trainset (including sleeping, dining, bar and service cars) from Calais via Paris-Basel-Gotthard or Arlberg-Brennero to Venice/Italy.
a red train traveling down tracks next to tall mountain range covered in clouds and grass
Travelling from Zurich by train is the most scenic and efficient method of visiting the quintessential Swiss mountain town of Zermatt. The journey features views of rolling verdant hills punctuated by rustic lodges as the railway snakes the perimeter of the Zurichsee, Zugsee and Vierwaldstatersee lakes. After a long and gentle incline through vast glacial flood planes, the train punctually steams into Zermatt in time for you to make the most of the Matterhorn
a large building with lots of people walking around it
Basel SBB railway station - Wikipedia
Basel SBB railway station
a red train traveling past a snow covered mountain
Jungfraujoch is the high point of any Swiss holiday. The highest railway station in Europe is located 3,454 metres above sea level. The visitors gain access to a high-Alpine wonderland of ice, snow and rock, which they can admire from the viewing platforms on the Aletsch Glacier or in the Ice Palace. The railway journey to the Jungfraujoch is an experience which leads through the Eiger and the Mönch. At the Eismeer and Eigerwand intermediate stations, visitors can enjoy the wonderful view.