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a table with lots of bottles on it in a room filled with shelves and boxes
Homestead Apothecary Herbal sensual delight. Temescal Alley and we'll talk herbs and listen to Gal Costa.in Bay area California
an old wooden shelf with jars and chalkboards on it
Bath salt display and soap display at Bathhouse Soapery.
there are many items on the table in this store that is full of souvenirs and knick knacks
Step inside Wall Flower Studio - Minden Ontario Canada
Apothecary & garden shop
there are many items on the shelves in this store that is filled with flowers and plants
Wall Flower Studio apothecary display - Karen Sloan
I want to stay away from anything even remotely kitschy when we're setting up the marketplace, but these racks might be good... I want the design to be sleek and sexy... not hokey or overtly "down on the farm" look...
an assortment of bottles and jars on display in a room with metal racks holding various items
Skincare selection display in the shop Aug. 2015
Apothecary display, I like the" levels "it has . It can be inspiration for display vignette
a painting of an antique store with bottles and jars on the counter, along with other items
Wall Flower Studio handcrafted apothecary - product display
https://flic.kr/p/veSRTa | Wall Flower Studio - handcrafted #apothecary product #display in the shop | wallflowerstudioseeds.blogspot.com
a display case filled with lots of different types of soaps and lotion bottles
Watkins Product Display http://www.theoneminutebusiness.com/info/menu.php?pid=654405
a table topped with lots of bottles and jars next to shelves filled with knick knacks
Shelley Panton · Prahran Store - The Design Files | Australia's most popular design blog.
Shelley Panton’s range homewares and gifts, many locally made. Photo – Caitlin Mills.
a box filled with lots of different cups and saucers
Collection of vintage China cups!!!Bebe'!!! What fun collectibles!!!
an old china cabinet filled with dishes and other vintage items, such as tea cups and saucers
We Heart It
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