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in non-fiction English Grammar is tricky! We all mess it up at some point, so I'm hoping these quick grammar tips are going to make it more fun and easy fo.

Easy Nutella Truffles with all the yummy hazlenut flavour of Nutella - and only three ingredients!

A delicious soft cookie bar, rich with the spicy, warming flavours of ginger and cinnamon, topped with cream cheese frosting.

What do you do when your recipe calls for grams, but you only have measuring cups? Guide to make sure you're converting measurements perfectly every time.


Students use the pictures as clues and complete the crossword with the corresponding nationality. It includes a simple note on the endings as well.

Plural/Possessive Poster - Freebie!

Free Plural/Possessive Noun Poster- Those plurals and possessives nouns can be tricky! Use this poster to help students remember when to use 's or s' or when it's just plural