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a blue and white figurine with black dots on it's wings, sitting in front of a white background
Sandia Folk: Fine Mexican Folk Art Gallery
a man holding a fake dinosaur head in his hands
Deep sea angler
Paper clay covered in epoxy resin.
a green and yellow bat with large wings on it's back, flying through the air
a pink and blue fish with spikes on it's head hanging from a hook
Papier mâché sculptures like bespoke designs for Alice in Wonderland characters and fairground letters to order. by RichardsBespokeArt
four different colored moths hanging on the wall next to each other with images of women and men
a paper mache of a bat hanging from the ceiling
Making a giant paper maché bat decoration | Manning Makes Stuff
a colorful glass crab sitting on top of a white table
LED Neon Art for Sale | Neon Aesthetic Wall Art & Light Signs
a figurine of a colorful bird with wings
a colorful crab sculpture sitting on top of a table
Tropical Metal Wall Sculptures | eBay