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NEW YORK WINDOWS ... illustrations from a fascinating project by New York graphic designer José Guizar:

(BUILDINGS AS CHARACTERS) Animate words to move in a blind/curtain/window-pulling motion --> acts like the face of a person to resemble that character element.

Cutout photo of small maple tree (Acer sp.), with transparent background. Perfectly cut out, with transparent background.

3D BAZA — Модели 3ds max

Buy Elderberry Tree (Sambucus nigra) by CGAxis on model of elderberry tree (sambucus nigra) with a height of Available formats:

4687 x 4813 Pixels png, with transparent background. Platanus occidentalis American Sycamore, American Planetree, Occidental Plane; Native to North America. Usually called sycamore in North America. In its native range, it is often found in riparian and wetland areas. The sycamore is able to endure the urban environment and is extensively planted as a shade tree in streets and parks.

Cut out images of trees, PNG and TIF with transparent background. Ready to use in architecture visualizations, illustrations, renders or sections. Each tree