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Angeliki Tevekeli

Angeliki Tevekeli
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cool idea to do with an unused fireplace. but a fire place is better :)

Book Nook in a fireplace that is no longer usable. Very creative use of space. Just make sure to clean that fireplace well before putting any books in there and to seal things to prevent water damage or pests from coming down the chimney.

interior of Fonthill Castle, Doylestown, PA - Google Search

Library loft at Fonthill Castle, Doylestown, (USA) Not your typical big house library--looks like something out of "Harry Potter"-- Charming, cluttered and cozy with an authentic "collected over time" look!

This place... Yes this seems like a good place to go on holiday.

I LOOOVE BOOKS! The kind you can touch the pages, hear them turn, smell them! Love the smell of books. Love all kinds. Love libraries and bookstores! My dream is to have my own library!