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the numbers are written in rusted metal
an old bucket with some flowers in it
Galvanized Container Planter. Hydrangeas look wonderful inside!!
several old keys are stacked on top of each other
Rust and Patina How To
How to Age and Patina Metal Objects - tutorial - I would love to patina some small brass vases for a shabby chic look. ❊
an old door with rusted paint and iron work
©Vincent Brun Hannay Paris Le père Lachaise
an old rusted metal surface with peeling paint
Rusted Steel Plate Cracked Peeling Turquoise Stock Photo 4773661 | Shutterstock
Nice mix of colours and the texture would be good on a pot. Might be able to create this using Spakfilla.
an old rusted metal surface with the number forty four carved into it's face
an old rusted piece of metal with holes in the middle and paint chippings on it
DIY Faux Metal Arrow
Take the Side Street: DIY Faux Metal Arrow
the back side of an advertisement for fast trick ever
Tutorial: Easiest Faux Rust Effect, EVER!
Easiest Faux Rust Trick Ever!