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Temple of Aphaea, Aegina island, Greece, 6th century BC.

Temple of Aphaea, first built 500 B. and then again 570 B. dedicated exclusively to the goddess Aphaia, located on the Greek island Aegina.

not a lot of people know about this place east side of the Parthenon S.F.H.x.

Wish I knew where this was taken, the original description said: "since we are surrounded with a cloud of witnesses " Athens - Greece - what a holy feeling - icons - our way of "touching heaven" and heaven touching us!


We were told we had to take a look at things from a woman's point of view. We were not disappointed and couldn't agree more.

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Porto Katsiki beach on Lefkada Island is one of the most beautiful Greek beaches. It is also in the top of the list of best beaches in Europe each year.