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a group of people standing in front of a clock surrounded by flowers and other decorations
Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band, (Full Frame)
four different avatars are shown in the same style as each character's head
Gorillaz - Demon Days
the red blood album cover is shown with roses and two men's faces on it
Blood Sugar Sex Magik by Red Hot Chili Peppers (Record, 2012) for sale online | eBay
Red Hot Chili Pepper - Blood Sugar Sex Magik [New Vinyl] 180 Gram #vinyl #gram #magik #sugar #pepper #blood #chili
an image of a fish's eye with the words leftfield on it
Leftism — Leftfield |
Leftfield - Leftism
a black and white drawing of trees in the middle of a dark room with text that reads
Peter Saville on his classic Joy Division and New Order artwork
Peter Saville is a legendary album cover designer. He’s best known for his Joy Division and New Order covers, but has also done work for Pulp, Suede and Roxy Music.
an image of two people standing next to each other in front of a black and white background
Psyence Fiction by Unkle (James Lavelle + DJ Shadow)
a red book cover with an image of a celtic knot
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King Crimson - Discipline
the clash poster for calling ebay
The Clash London Calling 1979 print on canvas, print on wood, print on steel or print on paper
miles davis on the corner vinyl record with sleeve and cover art for his album,
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On the Corner - Miles Davis
Lifeforms [LP] - Vinyl Techno, Musica, Gd, Noise, Amazing, Music Web, Cool Things To Buy
Best Buy: Lifeforms [LP] VINYL
Lifeforms [LP] - Vinyl
The Future Sound of London – Dead Cities Music, Soundtrack, Music Artists, Music Songs, Music Sales
Images for The Future Sound Of London - Dead Cities
The Future Sound of London – Dead Cities
a book with the title phaeora written in white and blue ink on it
TANGERINE DREAM - Phaedra (1974)
Tangerine Dream | Phaedra