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THIS. Most surely, most definitely.     DIY Fake Centuries of Wear: Trowel on thin layers of paint to create the timeworn look of aged Venetian plaster in minutes instead of centuries.

Back of house? Paint a Faux Venetian Plaster Finish Do you love the look of the aged-plaster walls found in European country manors? Re-create that look with nothing more than paint -- no messy plaster required.

aged plaster faux Venetian plaster finish from BHG Paint Decor This beautiful faux finish done with paint, not plaster, creates the time...

have a strip of texture and color that is a canvas apart from the wall- use a piece of dry wall perhaps?

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The student applies the concepts and skills of the industry to simulated work situations. The student is expected to: (E) use technology to create and modify architectural interior drawings;