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"Brill French Style" is another one of those dishes that use a fake eyeball. I think the character on the Spongebob show is called Freddie Flatfish. from the "Art of French Cooking"

Oh you crazy recipies. Don't know what it was from the to that made wacky food combos de rigor. Here we have a vintage Spam ad featuring a recipe for Fiesta Peach Spam.

I know the gelatinous blobs are cat food (looks just like Fancy Feast) but WTH is that amoeba with sliced egg and. There is a bite taken out of it, it looks like it's been spit out AND then all of it was encased in gelatin.

Salmon Salad Aspic with Del Monte canned peas - this is horrible. this is the stuff of nightmares.and this gives canned peas a bad reputation.give peas a little respect.

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