Pack your bags, head to the sand - take a look at these Beach Tips, Beach Hacks, and Beach Ideas for your next  summer family vacation.

40 Beach Tips and Tricks - Hacks and Ideas for Your Trip to the Sand

40 Beach Tips and Tricks - Hacks and Ideas for Your Trip to the Santravel hacks, travel hacking d. Round-Up on Fruugal Coupon Living travel hacks, travel hacking

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Rent a soft surfboard your very first time out. Don't invest in your own surf board if you've never ever attempted surfing before. At a lot of beaches helpful for surfing, rental areas will be offered near to the beach, offering reasonably inexpensive.

Really love the outfit! And I am going to tone up til I get myself looking trim like that!

I have this shirt! Ya know what, I'm gonna wear it today with my short shorts and vans and go long boarding!

{summer love} nothing better than a day on the water, picnic on the tailgate, and chasing lighting bugs at night

theres something so lovely about a mason jar! this pic looks like fireflies. someone tell me where to find fireflies, being a northwestern I havent ever seen them. Its on my bucket list. to see fireflies. and catch em.