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Yuck Soup...To practice reading words with /ck/, students illustrate /ck/ ingredients to put into "Yuck Soup

"To practice reading words with /ck/, some of my first grade friends helped to illustrate /ck/ ingredients to put into "Yuck Soup"--a soup made entirely of /ck/ things!

Take a look at number sense workstations for kindergarten, first grade, second grade, and place value workstations for third grade!

Tons of number sense activities and lessons for the kindergarten and first grade classroom. These games provide meaningful practice to develop number sense.

What the Teacher Wants!: Ideas for CVC Blending

Real or nonsense words or trash or treasure! You simply write letters on plastic cups (I, of course, used Red Solo Cups). I can easily switch any of the sounds out and my student can blend the new word. It works on real words and nonsense words