Basilicata - Incontri verso Santarcangelo #TuscanyAgriturismoGiratola

Italian Vintage Photographs ~ ~ Basilicata - Incontri verso Santarcangelo She may be the mother of my grandma.

Πλανόδιος ψιλικατζής. Πειραιάς, 1950 περ. street seller Peraeus 1960

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Erich Lessing; GREECE. Crete. 1955.

Woman sweeping her yard after slaughtering sheep. Region of Mallia, Crete, 1955 - by Erich Lessing Austrian

1961 ~ At the Acropolis of Athens

1961 ~ At the Acropolis of Athens. One very relaxed photographer. Oh to see the acropolis like this.