Classroom Decor Ideas: this would be great for the classroom

Teaching Time to Kids… I know as a child, I had difficulty telling time. This is a super cute idea for younger aged children. I will remember to include this in my future classroom!

Activities for a new class! Get the children to design one or two hands :)

Beginning of the school year art project!- photo only- could be hung in the hallway or make it your classroom door decoration

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Ταξιδεύοντας στο κόσμο των νηπίων: ΠΑΓΚΟΣΜΙΑ ΜΕΡΑ ΥΓΙΕΙΝΗΣ ΔΙΑΤΡΟΦΗΣ

Ταξιδεύοντας στο κόσμο των νηπίων: ΠΑΓΚΟΣΜΙΑ ΜΕΡΑ ΥΓΙΕΙΝΗΣ ΔΙΑΤΡΟΦΗΣ

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Place Value

First Grade Math Unit 9 Place Value

Place Value ice cream cones (make for higher math so all the kids can still do the same theme together)

Such a smart way to help kids see that there are 5 minutes between each number on the clock. Great telling time activity.

Awesome for teaching children how to tell time. I would use this as a whole class activity, and each child would get their own. --Teaching Special Thinkers: Telling Time is EASY PEASY Love this idea for teaching time with manipulatives!

Compound word foldables.  I think children would really enjoy making these. Have them think of 4 compound words then illustrate their booklet.

Compound Words Foldable

Great for our second grade kids learning compound words! Easy to make foldable - perfect for compound words or contractions.