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an old man pointing at the sky with his finger up in front of him and text that reads six important guidelines in life
Six Important Guidelines in Life: 1. When you are Alone, Mind your Thoughts. 2. When you are with Friends, Mind your Tongue. 3. When you are Angry, Mind your Temper. 4, When you are with a Group, Mind your Behavior. 5. When you are in Trouble, Mind your Emotions. 6. When God starts Blessing you, Mind your Ego. - iFunny
a sign with the words 12 things to always remember on it, in black and white
a quote with a cartoon character hugging a dog on it's chest and the words, it is not the things we get, but the hearts, we touch that will measure our
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a cartoon character sitting on top of a bench with the words i just hugged you in my
An Act Of Kindness