Dr. Scholl's - it hurt like heck when your foot slipped off and stepped on the edge of the wooden platform.

Blast from the past: Dr. Scholl's Women's Original Sandal - I have a pair of these in my closet but they are not the originals. The originals stayed on much easier.

for the school !

Collapsible plastic drinking cups - yep, Mama kept them in the glove compartment

Toutes les sortes de Chiclets! Sauf qu'à mon époque, il me semble que toutes les gommes étaient blanches, sauf celles aux fruits.

We used to get all kinds of mini Chicklets gum boxes for Halloween

If you remember him your childhood was awesome! We Ackermans watched him all the time on Canadian television b/c we didn't have cable.

If you remember him your childhood was awesome!

This is an Art Attack, this is an Art Attack. This IS Art Attack! What a show, what a guy! Used to watch it everyday while eating my bowl of cereal and milk, just before my school bus would arrive. Such good times

Ainda sou do tempo: Brincadeiras de Criança

O meu era beige


50 Things You Will Never Get For Christmas Again

A kid could get lost in the story the viewfinder slides tell. There were no sounds but I often could picture how it was and how it would feel like going with my favorite cartoons on an adventure. The Viewmaster