alisaburke: wood burning tips

This is a great tutorial on woodburning! Just buy the tool, and it will open up whole new worlds for you, including stamp making, and stencil cutting, and MUCH More !alisaburke: wood burning tips

Design Mom wood burned cutting boards

10 Great Gifts Kids Can Make

Giving gifts doesn't have to be expensive or meaningless. I've collected 10 Inexpensive but Impressive Handmade Gift Ideas that anyone could love.

Woodburning 101. Love these little driftwood hearts! Great as a love note, wedding party favor, lunch box note etc. #tutorial

woodburning tutorial using driftwood hearts. I can actually try this since I have a woodburning tool!

alisaburke: wood burned ornaments

Pyrography Use graphite paper to transfer images, stencils & stamps to trace alisaburke: wood burned ornaments

Journey into Creativity: Pyrography cube bracellet

Easy to make a cube bracelet decorated with pyrograply!

Wood skewers pyrography

Wood skewers pyrography

Journey into Creativity: Cork pyrography coasters

Looking for a fun accessory you can make for your home or to give as a gift? Why not try making Cork Pyrography Coasters and learn wood burning?