DIY: Leaf Hammering- Imprint stationary from your garden. A Must Try

DIY Leaf print for cards: Place a fresh leaf in between a sheet of paper and a paper towel. Tap it with a hammer and it leaves the outline of the leaf.

self made stamps and their prints

Fabriquer des tampons avec des lames de parquets self made stamps and their prints (Diy Photo Mural)

52 Weeks of Printmaking: Week 37 by Jen Hewett

I love this sort of project - but I want to do it all - print, knit, crochet, draw, paint & more! Weeks of Printmaking: Week 37 by Jen Hewett] (good food design)

Millicent Crow: October 2011

Millicent Crow: October 2011 - Thinking this would make a very sweet wall feature, a thick stripe of this kind of image?

stamping in a pattern by moniquilla

by moniquilla. Could I make it work with the quadrant fabric trick?

Stoff bedrucken - bunte Geschirrtücher, Taschen etc. - physalissieb Rezept

Stoff bedrucken - Anleitung und kreative Ideen

How to make DIY Stamps from your children's drawings // #silhouette

DIY Stamps From Children's Drawings

you just have to check out this nifty method of converting your children's drawings into really cool DIY stamps. Your kids will love creating their own cards, notes for friends or gift tags with their own diy stamps!