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Robert Doisneau // Le Mans, 1962. (

Robert Doisneau // Le Mans, 1962. (

Elliot Erwitt - Rome, Italy, 1955 | Catherine Couturier Gallery - Houston, Texas

1955 - by ELLIOTT ERWITT Born on July 1928 in Paris, Elliott Erwitt spent his childhood in Milan. His interest in photography began while he was a teenager living in Hollywood. Elliott Erwitt was invited to join Magnum Photos in 1953 and

Helen Levitt : Queen of street photography

‘When you see an unbelievable confluence of chance in a photograph, remember that the photographer was there, booted and spurred.’ Walker Evans When Walker Evans made this comment, he was th…

Loved these... I'm glad we don't have these today because I would have a heart attack watching kids on these..I remember falling from these

Playing on the Monkey Bars By Wayne Miller.I loved to play on the Monkey Bars at Buckman Grade School in Portland Oregon. The Monkey Bars didn't have any padding under them and were removed and replaced with a safe jungle gym system in the