Greece 2012

The country in which I chose to live has experienced great difficulties thanks to the economic crisis-however, it remains a country of unlimited beauty and is worthy of support. Let's make the effort to turn this situation around!
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A Piece of Greece - Timelapse

Timelapse: Greece of heart. Costas Golemis (Media offline) & Fotis Traganoudakis (Public eye Studio) Music by Tania Giannouli

Antidote Greece 2012 by Annette

Antidote Greece 2012 by Annette

A Brown, Brown Greece 2012 by Annette

Blue may be beautiful but brown isn't necessarily boring.

A Green, Green Greece 2012 by Annette

The National Garden is a green oasis with plants from all over the world in the center of the bustling city. It was founded in 1839 on the initiative of the first queen of Greece, Amalia, and since then it is the ideal place for a walk under the.

Multi-coloured Greece

Three Times a Rainbow Greece 2012 by Annette