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shinuii: “So i was thinking “why haven’t I seen any star brushes for sai? bc im too lazy to open up BULKY ol photoshop” and so i made my own! well making the pattern i used this image If people like.

Anonymous said: what program do you use/brush settings for that program!~ Answer: All this stuff is written in my FAQ but I use Paint Tool SAI and my brushes are:


I use PaintTool SAI for painting/drawing and Photoshop for editing. What SAI brush settings do you use? I usually change brush settings during.

brush settings | Tumblr #PhotoshopTutorialsTumblr

brush settings | Tumblr #PhotoshopTutorialsTumblr

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brush settings | Tumblr

I can finally get all these brush settings out of the way so i can STOP getting asked the same quesTION OVER AND OVER :’^) SO i put them all in one post- with dumb doodles of me.

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