Oh I have learned well. u also learn who y love with every fiber of ur heart tooo! There will be know doubt on WHO u truly love !

Oh my Disney:)

Oh my Disney:) - Well Disney thinks I'm younger than I am so I'll go with it. They didn't have an option of if you are

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This is us I new that from day one an I never want to let that go means to much to me an I know it is impossible to replace!!! I know you know that too my love!!!

Now I finally understand why some people say "you'll just know. If you're very lucky, you will look into another's eyes, and you will truly just know you're in the exact spot you're supposed to be.


50 Most Romantic Love Quotes To Use In Your Wedding Vows

sweet love sayings, To love you I need no reason My love is pure in each season You are my love and my friend too And I promise that I will keep loving you Till the end of time and forever!

Inspirational Sayings About Love with Beautiful Love Pictures