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Anthony Maniadakis
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Minimalist Arnold Schwarzenegger Terminator Poster Quote

He has changed the face of Action movies forever. Arnold Schwarzenegger has delivered box office blowouts throughout the years, developing an iconic status the world over. It is outputted on the fines

What an awesome movie cover. This one is in the YA DVD section NOW!

This a simple and minimalist movie posters by Matt Owen, an art director from Little Rock, Arkansas. He produces simple minimalist movie posters for classic and modern films using the most basic of elements in an incredibly clever way.

Ama yarın öleceğim için bugün ruhumun yükünden kurtulmam gerek.(Edgar Allan Poe/Öyküler - Kara Kedi s.22)

iPoe 3 – The Cask of Amontillado, Alone and Other Edgar Allan Poe Interactive Stories by iClassics Productions, S.