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a fire hydrant sitting on the side of a road next to a lush green field
Gång kantad med sjösingel och lavendel
an outdoor garden with lavender flowers and trees
Love most of this - the lavender, the olive trees, the cupressus - Pinus pinea (stone pine) which gives pine nuts would be a good candidate as its umbrella shape is very structural. Lots of gravel toning in with the stone of the house - perfect.
a stone path leading to the ocean with trees and shrubs on either side, along with an island in the distance
Clive Nichols - Corfu - Greece, the use of the Pencil pines is inspirational , they are like exclamation marks in the garden.
an image of a garden with flowers and plants on the path to the water source
75 Beautiful Traditional Landscaping Pictures & Ideas - November, 2021
Hydrangea and grasses, and a bluestone path that's wide enough to walk - even with overhanging plants softening the edges
a garden with purple and white flowers in it
Garden design – Susan Rushton
a walkway in the middle of a yard
Aménagement allée de jardin et chemin de pierre en 95 idées
Inexpensive landscape drama with square concrete stepping stones trimmed with pebbles... Next to the slab to extend parking space
an olive tree in the middle of a garden with purple flowers and rocks around it
Provence, Lavender, the Alpilles Mountains... And Ice Cream - Vicki Archer
This olive tree underplanted with lavender in a raised bed of stone makes a wonderful feature in this garden in Provence.
a house with steps leading up to the front door and lavender bushes on either side
The homify guide to a fabulous front garden | homify
Mediterranean style garden by Estudio de paisajismo 2R PAISAJE
an outdoor garden with white walls and green plants in the center, surrounded by grass
Garden Path | Plant & Flower Stock Photography:
Garden Path with raised white wall beds and thymes in crevices in modern upscale garden with herbs, perennials, ornamental grasses, for classy effect in landscaping
a garden filled with lots of different types of flowers and plants next to a tree
Nelson Byrd Woltz: Garden, Park, Community, Farm
Nelson Byrd Woltz: Garden, Park, Community, Farm: Warren Byrd, Thomas Woltz, Elizabeth Meyer, Orr Stephen: 9781616891145: Books
an image of a road that is surrounded by trees and bushes in the middle of it
CORFU GREECE - Clive Nichols
an outdoor garden with lavender flowers and trees in the background, surrounded by stone buildings
Page 6 – Inspiración | Interiorismo | Decoración
Xeriscaping: water wise modern gardens / Xerojardinería: jardines que consumen poca agua //
the garden is full of lavenders and other greenery, including some yellow flowers
Melina Scodanibbio
santolina, lavender, tulbaghia, westringia, phoenix, roebellenii, olive, lantana, citrus, strelitzia, agapanthus
a garden filled with lots of different types of plants
Pépinière Filippi, France - Designer Olivier & Clara Filippi.