Kalymnos Island, Greece

Meet challenges in Greece! Climb on the rocks of *KALYMNOS*island. KALYMNOS is a mountainous island, combining the charm of the mountains with the beautiful beaches and the deep blue of the Aegean Sea

Cephalonia, Ionian Islands, Greece

Melissani Cave, on Kefalonia Island in Greece, features a sky-blue lake within the cave. The lake is shallow and clear, and is covered with stones at the bottom. The cave was rediscovered in (In Greek mythology, Melissani was the cave of the nymphs.

Sunset in Paris © Vladimir Fofanov; "a magical sunset from the Alexander III bridge.

Kalymnos Island, Greece

Climbing on the Greek island of Kalymnos at sunset. During World War II, military officers were trained in rock climbing to learn how to infiltrate enemy territories. Photo by: Lukasz Warzecha