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idea: one of these under the arm.. as to make it an arrow to the heart!

i love sketchy/drawn arrows~ [Arrow of Truth] ~ another pinner said Tattoo. An arrow is pulled back before flying forward, telling you that even though you are feeling down now, it's only because you are going to go far. Love to get an arrow tattoo

This is what you were talking about!! Lol We met once, just for five minutes total. I pulled a sword. He tried to eat me. I felt we had a special something.    Hahahahahaha. There's such a world of possibility in Sherlock-LOTR jokes. Just wait til Star Trek comes out....

LOL funny bbc the hobbit martin freeman humor sherlock holmes Benedict Cumberbatch john watson bbc sherlock the great game Gollum i had to do it Just watching Sherlock when I came across this line