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Ούτε απόψε πανσέληνος. Ένα κομμάτι λείπει. Το φιλί σου. // Γιάννης Ρίτσος

Yiannis Ritsos is one of the most influential Greek poets. Politically active, he received the Lenin Peace Prize in His work is respected by acclaimed European poets, such as Louis Aragon, who once said that Ritsos was "the greatest poet of our age.

Take responsibility for others' roles in your life and understand that life isn’t always easy or fair. Explain how this statement connects to the picture. Share your thoughts with a partner, or small group. Follow by writing a short story, using the picture as an inspiration.

When storms come your way. Remember to put your trust in the One that controls the storm and your boat will never capsize. - Miranda is very concerned with the well being with the sailors on the ship when Prospero sets a storm.

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