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letters to write...

I'm in the process of doing some Open When cards for my long distance boyfriend. Here are the titles of each card I'm making. I also decided to do one with the answers to some of the puzzles I'm putting in a couple of them. (: <-- this sounds amazing.

7 Handmade Best Friend Gift Ideas | Her Campus

DIY your Christmas gifts this year with GLAMULET. they are compatible with Pandora bracelets. It can be difficult shopping for our friends because there’s just so many things we can get the

Easy way to get CURLS

Zero degrees heat, no hair curlers and no curling iron. I will present you an easy way to curl your hair. Do this before you go to sleep. you wash your hair, keep it in the towel as water is well absorbed. the towel on your head about minutes.

HEATLESS overnight curls!  1.Starting from right side of your head, take a section right above your ear and spit it in two  2.Twist the section. Then add some hair to the bottom section and twist again.  3.Twist your whole hair by adding hair into the bottom section, when you don't have more hair to put in sections, then simply twist your hair until it's all twisted  4.Secure twisted hair with bobby pins.   5. Go sleep! In the morning add serum  to smoothen hair  #heatless #curls #hair…

OVERNIGHT HEATLESS LOOSE CURLS: Twist your hair around your head starting on the side with the lower part. As you go along your head slowly add more and more hair to the two strands you are twisting.