The One of A Kind 1930 Henderson Streamliner Motorcycle. This thing is absolutely incredible!


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Indian motorcycle concept

The most radical Indian motorcycle concept we've seen so far. Not sure if it'll make it into production, though. Looks kinda like the "World's Fastest Indian" bike.

Machine Age / Dieselpunk Ford Carburetor Lamp with Air Cleaner Shade, $295

Machine Age/Dieselpunk Ford Carburetor Lamp with Air Cleaner shade.

Concept motorcycles

They should call this one Mondo Industro. It's a Mikhail Smolyanov Concept Motorcycle.

Its a Dieselpunk world, what would move you? Auto's, Airplanes and Everything Else. - Dieselpunks

Henderson is a defunct brand of US-made motorcycle that went bust around the time of the Great Depression. In 1936 designer O. Ray Courtney took a 1930 Henderson and modified it into this streamlined style.

It's a custom....something or other

Red Skull's car from the first MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe) movie - Thank You Josh Welsh!

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