a dancer....

Ballerina made from cigarette smoke. I hate that it's cigarette smoke, but the smoke part is just awesome

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swing dancing = the most fun you'll EVER have. I swing danced once but it was the most awkward thing of my life because it was a class with a bunch of awkward teenage boys and out of all 15 or so, only one was actually good!


“Burn the Floor” dancers Karen Hauer and Artem Chignevstev. Photo by David Wyatt “Burn the Floor,” a hit show about the world of competitive ballroom dancing, has been added…


Black and White My favorite photo when love tells us more than words doesnt mind what will be the way but it will say us something.

shall we dance ? by Cristi Baias on 500px

We were dancing for the video, script and everything. He and I dance, jump, twirl and spin! He dips me and gives me a kiss. A kiss that felt like heaven, but wasn't scripted.