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Ice and Darkness - Liut by Ruloc on DeviantArt

Ice and Darkness - Liut by *Ruloc on deviantART Paladin/Blackguard

FlamingWarrior-kingkostas2014 by kingkostas

FlamingWarrior-kingkostas2014 by kingkostas

Roman Cavalry

Hi guys , i just wanted to post some of my last works hope you like it all is zbrush renders and textures , also photoshop and max for some renders and textures all the best ! and happy zbrushing :) 435031435032435033435034435035

"we, on the contrary, shall fight for #Greece, and our hearts will be in it" ~ Alexander the Great, ancient Greek kingdom of #Macedonia  Alexander the Great and Bucephalus in the ancient city of Pella (Thessaloniki)  historical #Macedonia in Greece Photo: @carolemadge

Statue of Alexander the Great riding Bucephalus and carrying a winged statue of Nike (square of Alexander the Great) in Pella city Macedonia Greece, Alexander's birth place.