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Antonis Spanoulis
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Patriot Tires

Patriot Tires For Those Who Dare (max-width: . } } OUR BEGINNING It all started when a team of tire designers and car enthusiast.

How to Turn a Satellite Dish Into a WiFi Antenna

Increasing the range of wireless Internet provides convenience, productivity and potential monetary savings. Using an old satellite dish to fashion a DIY Wi-Fi antenna is an.

How-To: Build a WiFi biquad dish antenna

Wireless enthusiasts have been repurposing satellite dishes for a couple years now. This summer the longest link ever was established over 125 miles using old.

Cancel Satellite TV And Turn Your Existing Dish Into An HDTV Antenna

Pulls in top-rated HDTV network programming & favorite local shows for free with no monthly fee or subscription; Simplifies installation with preassembled d