Peeling Quinces - Nikolaos Lytras

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Nude - Yiannis Tsaroychis

Swimming and drawing practice, 1968 - Yiannis Tsaroychis

Schizophrenic - Yiannis Tsaroychis

Schizophrenic France, 1968 Oil on laminated wood, 68 x cm by Yiannis Tsarouchis

Self Portrait with Nikos Nikolaou - Yiannis Moralis

Self Portrait with Nikos Nikolaou, 1937 Yiannis Moralis (greek painter

Mariner reading on pink background - Yiannis Tsaroychis

speak-low: Yannis Tsarouchis: “Sailor reading”, Oil on canvas.

Girl untying her sandal  - Yiannis Moralis

palette - paintings- Girl Untying Her Sandal - Yiannis Moralis, 1973

Coffee-house at Porto Rafti  - Yiannis Tsaroychis

Yiannis Tsarouchis - Coffee-house at Porto Rafti 1962 Water-colour on paper, x cm Inv.