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Harry Kane | by oldcarguy41

If the kid belongs to them, the Dad is in trouble for not paying attention while Mom was in the surf.

Unknown Artist | by oldcarguy41

The couple that fishes together stays together. The painting was on the cover of Woman's Own magazine in September 1949 - Robert Maguire

Freeman Elliott | by oldcarguy41

'American Weekly Magazine Cover' by Freeman Elliott : Original Gouache and Watercolor on Paper

Robert Hilbert | by oldcarguy41

She's trying to memorize a script and he's not helping. The painting illustrated the story "Broadway Calling" in the Saturday Evening Post in November Robert Hilbert

Gerry Fancett | by oldcarguy41

The lady in the flowered skirt has my attention. The painting illustrated the story "Gino, We Love You" in John Bull magazine.