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Celebrating the beauty, detail and intricate design of amazing calligraphy.

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The snow calligraphy project got some awesome results!

snow calligraphy project

ephemeral artthe gesture above allall these works are freestyle made on random stuff walking around the city snow calligraphy #snowcalligraphy

Top Ten Free Fonts with the best Ampersands

My Top Ten Free Fonts with the best Ampersands

An ampersand is the figure that is used to represent the word ‘and’, it is widely recognised by this mark; &. The symbol originates from the blending of the letter E and T, from the Latin word ‘et’. As a Graphic Designer I am constantly using the ampersand in my designs. The aesthetic curves and swirls of the…

These are the "Calligraphy Stars" of Instagram!

The Calligraphy Stars of Instagram

Alexandra Lange writes about the people who are using Instagram to share their talents at calligraphy.

Calligraphy lettering of "but first coffee" on your morning mug!

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"But first, coffee." This Printable Wisdom coffee mug features modern calligraphy and ornate scrolls, highlighting text that expresses every coffee-lover's morning routine! Perfect to hold your daily dose of caffeine. Each mug is professionally printed with a one of a kind Printable Wisdom design. Interested in a custom mug design? Design printed on both sides of the mug - so everyone can see how cute it is no matter which hand you're holding it in…

Anyone can create calligraphy! | Cheating Calligraphy Tutorial

Faux Calligraphy Tutorial | The Postman's Knock

Faux calligraphy -- calligraphy created with any standard writing instrument -- offers a fantastic introduction to dip pen calligraphy!

Amazing painted art called Urban Calligraphy

Urban Calligraphy

Simon Silaidis is a talented artist and lover of calligraphy. With this video made by Alex Ioannou, the artist made ​​on the roof of an abandoned building a

Beautifully made envelopes using a calligraphy pen!

Beautifully made envelopes using a calligraphy pen!

Use a beautifully designed stamp for return addresses

5 Easy Ways to Personalize the Wedding

Whoa Nellie Press Every bride wants her special day to be, well, special! And there ...

Beautiful wall decal calligraphy

Lettering Time! Examples of different brushpens #calligraphy

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