Aphrodite Zanni

Aphrodite Zanni

Aphrodite Zanni
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Need long hair style ideas that can be done in 5 minutes? Then this messy ponytail with braid is exactly what you need for busy mornings.

Ponytail must be one of the most classic hairstyles. Its simple pretty looks captured many girls’ hearts and made it always stay in trend. Girls loving ponytail hairstyle is not only because it is easy and young-looking. It is alsoREAD

The bold and the beautiful - Telegraph. Brad Pitt by George Holtz.

The secret of photographing Hollywood stars is not to put them on a pedestal, says George Holz, whose new book of portraits shows how it’s done


Properties of light and how to apply them in photography. Another silhouette favorite, I like the way the light outlines her head. For some reason, this says a lot about the emotion of this subject, and silhouette is very effective way to portray emotion.