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ブリッテンV1000 (Britten V1000) の全貌 ( オートバイ ) - アドリア海のフラノ -SINCE 2006- - Yahoo!ブログ

This is the bike with no fairing--The picture tells it all---What a great design---NO FRAME --everything was bolted to the engine

John Britten, 1995. Photo: Kerry Walker

Billy Apple blurs the line between life and art with a new installation that celebrates the triumphant, record-shattering 1995 campaign of the Christchurch-designed Britten motorbike.

Britten V1000 Chassis

The Britten This frameless motorcycle features a fully stressed engine so you can feel every little note the engine makes at rpm. Pictured here with its fairings removed.


Built for Looks, Not for Speed


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