Here's a drawing project that could be great for relaxation and expression, especially for teens!

Totally Easy Zentangle

Cool and and super-easy zentangle drawing project. Would be a great end of school art project.

White Bat Flower

goes by the names of Black Bat Flower, Bat-head Lily, Devil Flower or Cat's Whiskers. Tacca integrifolia is known as the Purple or White Bat Flower.


Illustration - illustration - mineral patterns www. illustration : – Picture : – Description mineral patterns www.creativeboysc… -Read More –


A photo of an octopus tentacle curled to form a fractal. I like this as an example of Nature's splendid wonder and God's attention to detail and design.

Talisman Bike Logo by Jesse Lindhorst

Packaging and Branding Graphic designer and illustrator Jesse Lindhorst created the packaging and brand identity including logo and icon design for Talisman, a brand of bike gear. More of the design.

Steel block sculpture, stacked and propped with an architectural approach to construction // Prop II, Antony Gormley


Paris Architectural Detail French Decor Paris Decor Versailles Ceiling Romantic Art Robins Egg Blue Gold Home Decor - "Folie" USD) by EyePoetryPhotography

A room designed by Renzo Mongiardino for Lee Radziwill.

Princess Lee Radziwill at Buckingham Place – the famous drawing room by Renzo . He used yards and yards of hand-blocked cotton fabric from India. The room became synonymous with Renzo, and those who could, created their own version of the Turkish Room.

The Fluxus sculpture by Andromeda

The Fluxus concept, Andromeda’s weavering Murano glass artwork born from the cooperation between Artist Michela Vianello and designer Karim Rashid, was chosen to be included in A New Hook.